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I am trying to make a menu with buttons that teleport the player to different parts of the map, but as of now it only works when teleporting all players instead of the player pressing the button.

I tried a few varriations of code, but the only one that seems to work as in, it teleports everyone in the server is this one:.

teleport gui

Anyone know how to make this script so that it works on the player clicking the button but not the rest of the players? Add this inside a textbutton, local script. At local part locate the part you want to teleport the player to. Do not change the local plr thingy because it locates the player. The other line is an event which is activated when you click the button.

At humanoid root part we locate the humanoid root part. Then we check if the player has a humanoid root part, if it does then it teleports the players to the part. You are probably a beginner so tried explaining you what happens in the script. Sign Up Log in. Still have questions? Join our Discord server and get real time help. Join our Discord Server. Log in to vote. Asked by Rubenske1 Parent function onClick for i,v in pairs game.

Players:GetPlayers do if v. Character:MoveTo CSpawn.

How to teleport from a GUI - Roblox Studio Tutorial

Position end end frame. MouseButton1Click:connect onClick Anyone know how to make this script so that it works on the player clicking the button but not the rest of the players?

How do I make a GUI button game teleporter?

Answered by valchip LocalPlayer script. If you accept this answer, please mark it as so. Answer Edit.So, I've done it before with a part touch, now I'm trying to make a GUI button teleport you to a different game, I tryed changing the part touch script teleport to work for a GUI button click instead, so I made this but it didn't work:. Just make it a local script. Since with local scripts you can get the player easily. Also, MouseButton1Down does not return player sadly.

Because if you're using a server script you can just do script. Parent and you get the player Because with a local script the TeleportService already knows who to teleport Youyou don't need the whole player thing. MouseButton1Click:connect onClicked. And change the to the game you want to be teleported to. Sign Up Log in. Still have questions? Join our Discord server and get real time help. Join our Discord Server. Log in to vote. How do I make a GUI button game teleporter? Asked by lucas Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter click.

MouseButton1Click:connect onTouched Help me?

teleport gui

You're welcome! LordDragonZord — 5y. It is a LocalScript. GamingZacharyC — 2y. Answered by LordDragonZord Finished Script Local Script script. Hope this helps! Thank you sooo much, my whole game is based on teleporting Answered by CrazyRobloxDeveloper 0. MouseButton1Click:connect onClicked -- Make sure you make this a Local Script but still put this in a textbutton guied. No, I ment a game teleporter, to teleport to other games Answer Edit.How do I make a GUI that teleports a player when clicked?

I really have no idea where to start with this. Teleporting in game is as easy as moving the character model to the location you want to move them to. Please follow the instructions before using the script make a Screen GUI called Teleport then insert a text button into the teleport GUI and then insert a script into the text button and please replace the numbers by the vector with the position of the brick to which the player is being placed by using properties.

Please note this only for in game teleport to new vectors using simple functions this is not an example of a well put together teleport script. Sign Up Log in. Still have questions?

Join our Discord server and get real time help. Join our Discord Server. Log in to vote. How do i make a GUI that teleport a player when clicked? Asked by SeitaiShi 0. User — 4y. Answered by SimplyRekt There are two answers to your question, as there are two meanings of 'teleport'. LocalPlayer --Let's start by making a function to move the player not really needed, but why not? LocalPlayer --Let's make another function again, not really needed, but why not?

MouseButton1Down:connect function --"Button" is the name of the TextButton teleportPlayer ,player --Prison life, local player end. Answered by Rodmane Torso torso. CFrame end button. You get the idea. Explain it a bit more - 'you get the idea' does not help at all. TheDeadlyPanther — 4y. Don't feel like it. Rodmane 85 — 4y. Answered by TheLuaDeveloper 5. MouseButton1Click:connect onClicked Please note this only for in game teleport to new vectors using simple functions this is not an example of a well put together teleport script.

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How do i make a GUI that teleport a player when clicked?

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teleport gui

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teleport gui

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Make a GUI teleport a player?

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